Friday, December 17, 2010

Hey again!

Hey again guys! I'm here today to leak some photos (i'm gonna probably get in trouble for this, but oh well!) 


So there you have it! I may leak more later but not now ;P
so see ya!

 ~Ben Frogstone (order of the yard)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Balance Students Needed!

Hello Wizards of the Spiral,

So, we tried filming the meeting scence with the Balance wizards. I must give a big thanks to Missy, Fallon DeathSlinger, and Cassandra DragonHeart, who were really funny by the way :D. We didn't have enough time to finis filming though, and Cassandra LifeCaster who was filming said that the Balance Home was too bright, so we are going to try and film it later on today in her Life home.

If you are interested in coming to this event, please, go over to our new our new tab titled "Enlist Here" and shoot me over an email with the requirements. For this scene, you do NOT need a mic. All you need to do is, when I say, "CHEER!" on my Balance wizard, Patrick FrostHorn, you press the Cheer emote. We will do this twice.

By the way, an awesome dude named Christo SkyWalker emailed me with bunch of really good questions, so I am going to copy and paste my reply in hopes that it will enlighten some! Look out for that later! Stay Strong,

Luke GoldHorn, Order of the Yard

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

First Commercial

Hello Wizards of the Spiral,

Luke GoldHorn here! Just letting you know we are about halfway through our first commercial! Gotta go, bye!

Luke GoldHorn, Order of the Yard

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hey guys!

Hey guys. Ben Frogstone here! (from order of the yard) lol. So as most of you know this is the blog of our new movie "Wizard Wars The Movie" So i'll ttyl :D

Welcome To The War!

Hello Wizards of the Spiral,

Here with you currently is Luke GoldHorn from the Order of the Yard. You might have recently heard about the upcoming Wizard101 BlockBuster: Wizard Wars, The Movie. You may be asking: What's this about? Who are the people in charge of making the film? When will the film be released?

Well, all of that will be explained in short time. Basically, this blog will be where Cassandra LifeCaster, Benjamin FrogStone, and I will blog about the progress of the film and about certain ideas we are having. Who knows; maybe we'll hav some guest blog entries from the cast. Until next time, stay strong!

Luke GoldHorn, Order of the Yard